Long Graphics

If you are looking for any type of sign or graphic, you have come to the right place. whether for a personal vehicle, commercial truck or van, or signs for a restaurant or store front, we do it all. We can do anything from simple cut lettering, to full printed photographs of almost any size.

Because we are able to do large format printing, we can produce signs as large as you like, and wrap vehicles as large as tractor trailers with your corporate logo. Sign graphics are attached to many types of substrate, corplast, (looks like cardboard, but is made of plastic), Dibond, (plastic covered with aluminum) sheet aluminum, and many others. Installation of signage is also provided. Although we do not install new Backlit signs at the present time, we do remodel existing signs with new faces.

Long Graphics also provides a full range of design services. If you do not have a design firm, let us do that job for you. We can design and install graphics packages on fleet vehicles, produce banner displays for trade shows, and much more. Another item that many customers require is decals. If you sell or manufacture products, small decals are an inexpensive way of provideng customers with contact information.

As you browse through this site, you will find many examples of work we have done for other customers. Hopefully this will inspire you to discover the graphic that is perfect for your needs. Usually the first thing people ask, (even before they fully describe what they want) is; "How much is this going to cost?" The final price will be based on several factors.

What size is it

Materials make up a large part of the cost, (based on square footage). The bigger the item, the more it will cost. And we don't know how big it is going to be until someone measures the area to be covered. Most people don't realise that a small increase in the exterior dimentions, (length and width) can mean a large increase in the square footage. Size can be deceiving.

What will it be made of

Some materials will obviously cost more than others. But that does not mean that the cheapest material is always the best. Take a sign as an example. Some questions to ask yourself are; Will it be inside or outside? How long do I want it to last? Will it be lit at night? Do I want it to be portable, or perminantly installed? Each application requires different materials.

Are we designing the artwork

It takes time to design artwork. And you know the old addage, "time is money". Most people don't realize that the logo on a business card can't just be scanned and blown up to gigantic proportions. In most instances though, the company that produced your card or flyer, can provide you with the artwork in a suitable format for us to use. If not, it will take us additional time to reproduce the artwork.

Who is going to install it

In some cases the answer is obvious. If you ask us to design a stripe for your car, you would usually expect us to install it. Sometimes though, the customer wants to do the job themselves. While vinyl graphic installation isn't exactly brain surgery, it does take some skill. Remember; getting us to install your graphic is much cheaper than buying another one. If you want to get a sign made, however, then the answer to the question is not quite so obvious. There is one general rule of thumb though, the smaller the decal the easier it is to install.

As you can see, it is hard for us to tell you at the begining of the process, what the final cost will be.