Lettering And Graphics For Commercial Vehicles

Vinyl lettering is popular for commercial vehicles because it is relatively inexpensive. If you only want to identify your vehicle to the public, then this is a good option. More and more companies now see their vans and trucks as mobile billboards. People today are so bombarded by advertising, that simple lettering doesn't make much of an impact. Progressive companies are seeing the value of partial or full vehicle wraps to get their message across. Love them or hate them, it can't be denied that people notice them, and isn't that the point?

Work Vehicles

Commercial vans are everywhere. If you own one, (or several), you own a billboard on wheels. Why not use it to promote your business. Companies pay hundreds of dollars a month to have an ad on a stationary billboard. If the ad is located on a lightly traveled road, few people will even see it. If they do see it, thay have 2 to 4 seconds to read it. When a vehicle is stopped a trafic light, you have 15 or more seconds to read the information. Vehicle wraps are one of the most cost effective ways to promote your business. If you think the initial cost is too high, try breaking the cost down on a weekly basis over the life of the vehicle. You'd have trouble getting a small newspaper ad for that price. Look at some of the images provided. Seeing is believing.

Utility Trailers

Another common sight on the road today are utility trailers. More contractors are using them because thir truck or van is also for personal use. It's no fun having to clean out your truck every night. If you have gotten the feeling up to now that graphics have to be one kind or the other,(printed or vinyl tape) It's easy to mix and match. Another trick that some have learned is to park their trailer in a conspicous place when not in use. It's free advertising!

Tractor Trailers

Almost all States and Provinces require some form of identification for Tractor Trailers, DOT numbers, VIN numbers, company name, etc. We can make and apply all the graphics to meet your indivdual needs. We create graphics for individual, as well as fleet vehicles. Of course, we apply stripes and graphics to make your rig uniquely your own. We can even match the graphic on the cab and apply it to the trailer.

Emergency Vehicles

Emergency vehicles have to be seen, especially at night. That is why most fire trucks, tow trucks, police cars, and ambulances use reflective tape in their graphics. If you regularly use yor vehicle on the road at night, it is a mater of safety for your vehicle to be seen. Since we are able to print on reflective tape, you can have the best of both worlds, style and substance. An ever increasing cause of workplace fatalities is being struck by a vehicle. Whatever the cost, it's money well spent when you just have to be seen.