Vinyl Lettering and Stripes

In this case, graphics are created using vinyl tape. The tape we use is specially designed for outdoor use. The graphic consists of one or more colors layered together to form the graphic. This type of graphic is usulally the least expensive. Although these graphics are not limited to one or two colors, when you start using more than three colors, printed graphics become preferable. There are many specialized vinyl tapes that will add to the stripe or lettering affect. some tapes are made to resemble metal flake, chrome, reflective, even carbon fibre. All of our stripes are made in house, so that they are designed to fit your vehicle, individual style, and budget.

Printed Lettering and Stripes

With printed graphics, the result is limited only by your imagination. Full color stripes and lettering are now possible. We can use a layout that you provide, or work with you to create that perfect graphic. It is possible to print on a number of different vinyl materials not just white. Depending on the color, it is also possible to print on chrome tape and other colored vinyls, such as black ink on yellow tape. We can also print on reflective tape, like the tape used on emergency vehicles. With all printed materials it is a good idea to laminate the graphic with a clear film to protect the ink from being scratched.

Partial And Full Vehicle Wraps

Now things really start to get interesting. Although vehicle wraps are more common on comercial vehicles, more people are starting to wrap their personal cars in vinyl. It is much cheaper than paint, and will not harm the vehicles finish. The result is truely limited only by your immagination. While a graphic like this is not exactly cheap, it sure is a lot less expensive than a custom paint job. And if you get tired of it, just replace it with another one. Some of the vehicles shown here have this type of graphic, such as the hood graphic above.

Side And Rear Windows

There is a special tape for windows called vision (or View Thru) tape. It is a perforated tape that is approximately 50% holes. This allows you to cover your window in a graphic while still being able to see through it. The tape comes in white and is printed with your design. It is then laminated and applied to the window. Vision tape works best on windows that don't have a lot of slope. If there is too much slope on your window, the tape becomes harder to see through.