Outdoor Signs

For temporary outdoor signs, there are two main materials to choose from, Coroplast and Crezone. Coroplast looks like corogated cardboard, but is made from plastic. The material comes in several thicknesses and colours. If you choose this material, expect to get only a couple years of use from it. The other material (Crezone) is wood based. It is thicker than Coroplast and is coated so that the vinyl will adhere. The signs can be printed or cut from vinyl tape. In order to choose a size for your sign you must consider how far it will be from the road? The further away it is, the larger it will have to be in order for it to be seen. While this may seem obvious, some people buy a smaller sign in order to save money, only to find that the lettering is too small to be seen easily from the road or sidewalk. For permanent signs there are more choices in materials. For signs that are not going to be backlit, materials such as Dibond are a good choice. These products are made from a plastic center with aluninum on the outside. The standard sheet size is four feet by eight feet, but other sizes are available. For backlit signs, the choice is polycarbonate. A similar material (commonly known as plexiglas) can also be used. While less expensive than polycarbonate, it is also much less impact resistant. Keep in mind that Long Graphics does not install the frames for backlit signs at this time, but we are able to replace the faces of the signs. Banners are also a popular choice for outdoor use.

Indoor Signs

There are a variety of ways to create indoor signs. They can be as simple as lettering on a wall or window. Usually they are lettering or printed graphics on a backing material such as Corplast. Some people don't like the look of the unfinished edges though. In that case we have extruded aluminum framing material that is used to frame corplast signs, just like you would frame a picture. Many people also choose to use various types of portble signs for the interior of their businesses. You may have noticed that banners are being used more and more. Since the material is a plastic coated fibre, many people don't like the look for indoor use. But did you know that it's possible for us to print on artists canvas? Outdoor look... indoor feel.

Portable Signs

Portable signs are meant to be displayed for a short period of time and then relocated. The most familiar sign of this type are Real Estate signs. You can also get other types such as A-Frame signs and Spinners. A-Frame types are two signs in a collapsible frame. You might see this type on the sidewalk outside a restaurant advertising the daily special. Spinners are meant to attract attention. They are turned by the wind and the movement is meant to attract the reader to the message. some of the newest styles are flag types. All of these styles are a cost effective way to advertise your business.